ALYA Textile Industry Trade Limited Company

As ALYA, we produce and sell machine spare parts for our customers in Turkey and in foreign markets. With the trust of our valued customers and our dynamic structure, we quickly recognized in the market and gained a respectable place in business life in a short time.
Our company, serving service to meet the needs of our customers by producing machine spare parts for the textile sector, has added machine knives, industrial blades and safety hand knives to its field as a second activity area by taking into account the demands of industrial cutters requests from different enterprises of the industry, and herewith ALYA expanded the sectors it serves.
ALYA continues to participate actively in fairs at local and international platforms with the pride of adding value to our country’s economy by exporting to more than 30 countries and continues to follow the developments in the market closely in order to meet our customers with the highest quality products.
Our biggest goal is to bring new products to the market in line with the opinions and requirements of our valuable customers

As ALYA, we have always been a solution provider with its principled stance, flexible structure, quality product range and quality service understanding.
With all our experienced team members,
With our sales channels and distributors,
We continue to work hard and produce with all of our strength.